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Joint Initiative on Corporate Accountability and Workers' Rights

The Pilot Project in Turkey

The organizations are participating in a pilot project in Turkey to test the variety of code implementation strategies and approaches. The pilot will involve European and US companies and their garment suppliers in Turkey, as well as trade unions, NGOs, industry and employers’ associations and other interested parties. The pilot will run over 30 months with two phases of implementation and testing.

The objectives of the pilot are first, to improve working conditions and the observance of international labour standards in participating garment factories in Turkey, second, to develop a shared understanding of the ways in which codes of labour practice contribute to this end, and third, to generate viable models for ongoing co-operation between the organizations.

Having tested the various approaches in the pilot, the project will develop guidelines that can support other efforts to improve working conditions through the implementation, and use of, codes of labour practice. It will disseminate these guidelines, together with learning gained on the pilot of the implications for policy.

Background study

Download PDFBackground Study on Labor Conditions and Social Auditing in the Turkish Garment Industry, July 2004, English [PDF, 925kb]


Stakeholder Consultation

Download PDFReport of stakeholder consultations in Turkey, Nov 2004, English [PDF, 53kb]

Download PDFReport of stakeholder consultations in Turkey, Nov 2004, Turkish [PDF, 167kb]


Jo-In / MIT Forum, 11th and 12th June 2005, Boston, USA
"Exploring common approaches to Corporate Accountability and Workers' Rights"

Download PDFVariations in codes of conduct [PDF, 78kb]

Download PDFWages in the Apparel Industry: What constitutes a Decent Standard [PDF, 87kb]

Download PDFWork hours, overtime and codes of conduct [PDF, 210kb]

Download PDFFreedom of association and collective bargaining: code implementation in the Turkey garment industry [forthcoming]

Download PDFWages in Turkey’s Textiles and Garment Sector [PDF, 312kb]

Download PDFOvertime and Excessive Overtime in the Turkey garment industry [PDF, 167kb]

Download PDFReport of MIT / Jo-In Forum, July 11th and 12th, 2005 [PDF, 77kb]


Jo-In / ILO meeting, 18th May 2005, Ankara, Turkey

Download PDFReport of Jo-In / ILO Technical meeting of social auditors operating in Turkey, May 18th, 2005 [PDF, 77kb]

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