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Joint Initiative on Corporate Accountability and Workers' Rights

About Us


Codes of conduct have been an important part of efforts to improve labour standards in global supply chains. Over the last ten years these codes and systems for their implementation have proliferated. Brands and retailers are faced with multiple industry standards and suppliers are confused by the numerous codes and initiatives. Local organizations are frustrated by the many initiatives making demands on their time. Better co-ordination and co-operation is essential to address this confusion. It is also important to develop a shared understanding of the ways in which voluntary codes of conduct contribute to better working conditions.

The Joint Initiative is the first effort to bring together key organizations different aspects of code implementation and/or enforcement in a programme of collaborative work. These are: Clean Clothes Campaign, Ethical Trading Initiative, Fair Labour Association, Fair Wear Foundation, Social Accountability International and Workers Rights Consortium (“the organizations”). Each of these organizations is involved in the global effort to improve working conditions in global supply chains. All believe that codes of conduct can only make an effective and credible contribution to this effort, if their implementation involves a broad range of stakeholders, including governments, trade unions, employers’ associations and civil society.

For more see Participating Organisations.

The aims of the Joint Initiative

The aims of the Joint Initiative are:

  • to maximise the effectiveness and impact of multistakeholder approaches to the implementation and enforcement of codes of conduct, by ensuring that resources are directed as efficiently as possible to improving the lives of workers and their families;
  • to explore possibilities for closer co-operation between the organizations;
  • to share learning on the manner in which voluntary codes of labour practice contribute to better workplace conditions in global supply chains.

Projects of the Joint Initiative

Please see Pilot Project in Turkey.

Funding and Governance

The project has received funding from the European Commission (DG Employment) and the US State department. An International Steering Committee consisting of representatives of the six organizations meets quarterly to provide strategic direction, make policy decisions and assess progress.

Contact Us

Please contact us at:

Joint Initiative on Corporate Accountability & Workers' Rights
2nd floor
Cromwell House
14 Fulwood Place
London  WC1V 6HZ

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7404 1463
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7831 7852

See also: Participating Organisations.

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