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The enclosed documents make up the “Jo-In Project Pack”. This is the set of documents
that have been developed over the course of the project to record the policies and direction
of the Jo-In pilot project in Turkey.

These documents are based on consultations with project stakeholders (i.e. participating
brands and factories, local and international trade unions, and local and international NGOs).

Jo-In Trial Project Design - 06.06
Jo-In Stakeholder Engagement Guidelines
Jo-In Dispute Resolution Procedure
Jo-In Explanatory Note for Living Wages
Jo-In Information Protocol
Jo-In Confidentiality Agreement - assessors
ToE buyers - sample
ToE suppliers - sample
May 2006 letter to factories
Jo-In Draft Common Code 5.05

A Guide to the Jo-In Assessment Protocols for Suppliers 18-09-06
Jo-In Local Working Group TOR 18-09-2006
Draft Jo-In IAP TOR


 Background Study on Labor Conditions and Social Auditing in the Turkish Garment Industry, July 2004
Download PDFWages in Turkey’s Textiles and Garment Sector
Download PDFOvertime and Excessive Overtime in the Turkey garment industry

       Other :

                 Download PDFVariations in codes of conduct
                 Download PDFWages in the Apparel Industry: What constitutes a Decent Standard


Download PDFReport on stakeholder consultation seminar, Oct. 2005
Download PDFReport of stakeholder consultations in Turkey, Nov 2004
Download PDFReport of MIT / Jo-In Forum, July 11th and 12th, 2005
Download PDFReport of Jo-In / ILO Technical meeting of social auditors operating in Turkey, May 18th, 2005


 Jo-In Training PPT - Module 1 - 7.16.06
Jo-In Training PPT - Module 2 - 7.16.06
Download PDFHypothetical Scenarios
Download PDFJo-In MSI Training Seminar Report , July 2006

         Training Pack :

                 Download PDFComplaints / Dispute Resolution Mechanisms
                     Download PDFLists of Member Companies and Brands



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